Please note that NFT space has a tendency to change. We will have to adapt to the growing space as we move forward with our roadmap.

7000 Miners of Mars (minted in 45 min)
Collection of 7000 ​miners hand-drawn on paper by Marvel comic artist Aleksa Gajic.​ ​Push your luck as you collect $OSM from the mine in this amazing storyline gamification.
Miners of Mars Anthem (completed)
Songs and language strengthen the miners’ comradeship and “brotherhood”. So we have created the longest anthem in the history of humankind. It has 7000 different unique stanzas. Distributed as airdrop NFT to all holders.
Tokenomics (completed)
Our Tokenomics game combines the rarity of traits, probability, and storytelling. Assign the perfect miner for the job. Read our Tokenomics white paper: MoMenomics PDF.
Women of Mars (completed)
7000 Women of Mars are coming to administer Mars colony. Expect Women in various roles and positions: Police, Politics, Mechanics, Medical Staff, Teachers and many more.​
Degens of Mars (completed)
One hundred 1/1 degens that are hand-drawn on paper by world-renowned Marvel Comics artist Aleksa Gajic. We've selected these degens from the most engaging communities boasting the most impressive art across all blockchain networks.
ETH Collection (completed)
Using genome sequence and special incubators ($OSM controlled growth) Semigods created perfect copies of our Solana miners, but with a new shiny digital outfit. These clones are fully prepared for PFP usage and living on the Ethereum Blockchain. Available only for Solana NFT holders through the cross-chain incubator.

Kids of Mars
Born from the union of our Miner and Women of Mars marriages (permanently locked on our staking platform), each Kid embodies the combined value of their parents' NFTs. We've managed to lock 6000 NFTs in order to produce 3000 Kids.
If you own a Miner, Women, Kid of Mars and $OSM tokens you will have a chance to summon SemiGods. Only 700 SemiGods will ever exist with 7 King Gods to rule the Universe!
7000 Comic Books
Story and art represent our brand, but also our community. 7000 limited edition printed comic books. Signed by Aleksa Gajic and free of charge to all holders at the time of the release. 

Together with printed copies, we plan to release motion comics as video and animated gif files. At this stage, we will be merging paper art into vector characters that move, talk, yawn, or envy their gemstones.
Magic Eden